Astigarraga kit Line is once again included in the second edition of the catalogue of circular products manufactured in Euskadi-Zirkularrak. Three of our products have been featured in the catalogue, which was part of the travelling exhibition ‘Zirkularrak” that toured the Basque Country during 2023. This directory compiles an extensive list of product categories from various industrial sectors, which have been subjected to life cycle analysis methodologies that have substantially improved their environmental impact, serving as an example for the entire European industrial sector.

It is a catalogue created by Ihobe, the public company operating under the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment. Ihobe is an innovative organisation whose purpose is to improve the environment, integrating environmental criteria into sectoral policies as an element of sustainable value for the Basque Country and its organisations.

Both the catalogue and the exhibition have contributed to the dissemination of good eco-design and circular economy practices in the Basque Country. Astigarraga Kit Line has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and sustainability, providing three products that reduce environmental impact and resource consumption and that bring added value to our customers and to society in general.

The three selected products are the Glam decorative trestle, the Gala shelf unit with 6 shelves and the Rioja bottle rack with capacity for 78 bottles. All are made of solid pine wood and have a double certification: firstly, PEFC, which guarantees that the products come from forests that are managed according to stricter environmental, social and economic requirements, always in a sustainable way; and secondly, Ecolabel, from the European Union.

The decorative trestle Glam

Glam is one of the decorative trestles that make up the Astigarraga Kit Line easel family. With just two trestles and a tabletop you can create a functional, sturdy and aesthetically appealing table. This type of table is versatile and can be adapted to a variety of spaces and decorative styles.

The Gala shelf

The Gala shelf unit is another of the circular products in the Ihobe catalogue. A very durable and functional shelf unit that, beyond its classic use as a bookcase, can also serve as a pantry or sideboard if you choose to put doors on it.

The Rioja rack

The Rioja wine rack made of solid pine wood with a capacity for 78 bottles is a practical piece of furniture for storing wine in a home, wine cellar or efficient wood business. Its design is solid, strong and durable

In all three products, the following environmental improvements stand out:

  • Material of 100% renewable origin and PEFC-certified sustainable forest management.
  • Untreated wood, VOC and formaldehyde free.
  • Products tested by Tecnalia, which has highlighted their durability: In particular, the trestles support a weight of 400 kg, and the shelves in the Gala shelving unit can hold up to 50 kg.

Here we show you the certificates that certify the participation of our products in the catalogue:

Astigarraga Kit lIne will be delighted to collaborate in the new edition of the Basque Circular Submit, to be held in the spring of 2025, an event that will bring together the main actors in the field of circular economy at a local, state and international level. And that it will be a unique opportunity to showcase the Basque Country’s leadership and capacity in this field at an international level.