What is the perfect dish? Nutritionists say it’s one that brings together the right proportions of foods to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. It’s the same with furniture. Is there such a thing as the perfect piece of furniture? There’s no simple answer, but at Astigarraga Kit Line we believe that, before buying any furniture, there is a list of factors that must be considered: design, quality, functionality and sustainability.  We would add two more components to this mix: simplicity and price.


We like to say that wood is our raison d’être and that we are designers and manufacturers. We design and manufacture pieces in natural wood to furnish homes, offices, shops or any other type of space. But not just in any old way. We also care about design, and design doesn’t just happen by magic. At Astigarraga Kit Line we picture the furniture, we draw it, and we give it physical form. A creative process that requires a good dose of imagination and concentration. And we do this by believing that any design can be in keeping with the fact that it is a functional piece and, very importantly, competitively priced.

One of our latest developments has been the creation of the Wally modular wall shelving, a rack shelving system that is more commonly seen in metal for garages, but not so much in solid pine wood. Wally is the perfect example of how design and functionality can be combined and coexist perfectly in the same piece of furniture.


We love to create spaces surrounded by wood, with fully functional pieces that transform rooms into warm and pleasant places. In fact, an essential aspect of any interior is the presence of natural wood furniture that is practical, versatile and functional. Normally, if we live in small spaces, there is no room for furniture that just gets in the way and has no function. A functional piece of furniture is, as the word says, one that carries out a function within the home or the space in which we place it.

Each to their own; you choose what to use it for. Among other things, we can expect a piece of furniture to provide us with generous storage space or to be at a height that is reachable to the smallest children to make it easier for them to use it. At Astigarraga Kit Line, we are experts in designing and manufacturing wood products that have more than one function.  From spice racks that can double up as a container for children’s books to storage cabinets that can decorate a kitchen as well as being a sideboard in a living room, or wall shelves with whose accessories you can set up a dressing room as well as an office. The simplicity of the lines and the natural aesthetics do the rest.


Wood is a real pleasure for our senses. It can take us back to nature through its smell or by simply caressing a piece of silky wood. It is even said that simply touching it scares away bad luck and attracts good luck. Quality is one of the keys to the success of a piece of furniture and at Astigarraga Kit Line we guarantee that solid pine wood has a warm, natural look and a light colour that makes the knots and grain stand out. Our pine wood is resistant and offers maximum quality and durability. It’s very versatile, and it fits in with any decorative style. It doesn’t matter if you have a Nordic or modern style or if, on the other hand, you like industrial or classic furniture.


Bit by bit, sustainability has become a priority for society and companies. Customers increasingly value ethical aspects in their consumer decisions.  Before buying, they reflect and are more demanding when choosing one product or another, and they look for companies that develop an appropriate corporate social responsibility policy and those who do not damage the environment. The fact is that purchasing sustainable and eco-friendly products is already a matter of lifestyle.

At Astigarraga Kit Line, we can shout it from from the rooftops that we have the word ‘sustainability’ tattooed on our heads. We want to grow here and abroad, but while always pledging to be sustainable. That is why we are very clear about how we have to do things and the values that define us:

  We only use certified wood. We are PEFC and Ecolabel (European Ecolabel) certified. Our precious raw material comes from the forests that surround us, the forests of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. One of our main objectives is to add value to local wood. With these certificates, we guarantee sustainable forest management.

  In addition to thinking about how the wood is harvested, we take care of the entire production process: from the transformation of trunks into boards at the local sawmill until all furniture reaches our customers and distributors.

  At Astigarraga Kit Line, every gram of wood counts. We use everything in the processing of sawn timber; and by everything, we mean everything: the wood chips, sawdust and bark are also used for other purposes, so we avoid generating waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

100% local and sustainable wood

If you are looking for design, quality, functionality and sustainability, Astigarraga Kit Line brings together these features using the main element -natural wood- as a hallmark in decorating spaces. Our mission is to maintain an excellent relationship with our distributors and customers, because only by doing this are we able to get close to you and provide you with the solution you are looking for to decorate homes, offices or shops with the best certified wood on the market. If you also want to distribute our products, fill in this form here and we will contact you. We only work with 100% local and sustainable wood.

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