A little over a year ago, after the launch of the Wally wall shelf, we told you that there are no secret potions behind the creation of a new piece of furniture, and that managing to combine innovation, originality and functionality at a competitive price in the design and manufacture of a new product is a challenge.

We still think the same way and, while it’s difficult to be objective when talking about yourself, we have achieved it again with all the new products that we have launched, which are now available for sale from our distributors: in the large DIY chains and in smaller hardware and DIY shops.

And we also remain true to our philosophy: to design and manufacture only environmentally friendly furniture from locally sourced wood. Choosing natural and sustainable options is the best solution for decorating a home, office or business, and for taking care of the environment and our planet. Our challenge is to create more environmentally responsible spaces with certified wood. That is why we only offer furniture with the PEFC label, the most important international forest certification recognition programme, whose goal is to ensure that forests are managed responsibly and protected for present and future generations.

Here are some of the latest new products from Astigarraga Kit Line!

Doors for Gala shelves

Because there are times when you don’t want everything in sight, these doors are an exclusive complement to the wooden shelves in the Gala collection. Two kits are available.

  • Two-door kit for Gala wooden shelves with a width of 79.6 cm
  • One-door kit for Gala wooden shelves with a width of 49.6 cm

Shelves for Gala units

Another organisational accessory to optimise space on the Gala wooden shelves. It often happens that the spaces between one shelf and another are too big and it is very practical to have the option to place a shelf in between. Two shelves are available.

  • 75.5x25x2 cm loose shelf for Gala wooden units with a width of 79.6 cm
  • 45.5x25x2 cm loose shelf for Gala wooden units with a width of 49.6 cm

Dinamic shelving drawers

Another new addition is this two-drawer kit for the modular cube shelving from the Dinamic series. It fits perfectly into the recess of each Dinamic cube. A practical accessory that adds extra order and organisation to any room in a home, office, business, etc.

Wooden folding table

Only 79.5 cm! You don’t even need a metre of wall to place this wooden table. Moreover, as it is foldable, when not in use, it does not take up space. It is an easy solution for small spaces that need a space for teleworking, dining or outdoor enjoyment on a small balcony.

Lids for wooden boxes

The large collection of wooden boxes with and without lids, as well as modular boxes, is now joined by these two new products: the wooden lids for the CBS403014, CBS40303023 and CBS302014 boxes. Boxes are one of the best ways to create order; all kinds of objects can be stored and organised inside them. 

These are not the only new additions, as there will be a second instalment at the end of August, more in line with the return to work or school routine. If you are a distributor, you are just a click away from contacting us and becoming part of Astigarraga Kit Line. We meet the needs of our customers and only work with sustainable and local timber.