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At Astigarraga Kit Line we design, manufacture and distribute trestles, bottle racks and solid pine furniture

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For sustainable production

The wood we use to manufacture our products comes from the forests of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia.
We use that wood to the full in our facilities in Azpeitia.
As you can see, we are a local business with a clear commitment to the circular economy.

People, our roots

The true worth of Astigarraga Kit Line is in its people.
Thanks to the effort and commitment of all of them, we can say that every day our family grows bigger, sharing the same values.

An Ecolabel business

Astigarraga Kit Line actively contributes to a sustainable economy, reducing its environmental impact.
Our commitment goes beyond words. The European Union's Ecolabel certificate is confirmation of that.

If it is from Astikitline, it is PEFC

Respect for our environment is nothing new for Astigarraga Kit Line.
The pine timber we work with has always come from sustainably managed forests.
That is why we have been PEFC certified since 2005.


Made in Nature

We are manufacturers and distributors of solid pine furniture to organise and decorate any space at home, in the office or a shop.

Our catalogue contains shelves, trestles, boards, bottle racks and endless practical, functional products to surprise your customers.

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From the forests of Gipuzkoa to anywhere on the planet

Wherever you are, you will feel that we are with you. Because we listen to your needs and we do our best to accommodate them.

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We're closer than you think

We have been distributing our sustainable wood furniture and trestles throughout Europe for many years.
Tell us what you need and what it has to be like. We take care of the rest.

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We adapt to space in your shop

Our products come with displays specially designed to make best use of the space at your point of sale.

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New products, trade fairs, events... the doors of our house are wide open so you can know everything.

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Design, quality, functionality and sustainability

What is the perfect dish? Nutritionists say it’s one that brings together the right proportions of foods to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. It’s the same with furniture. Is there such a thing as the perfect piece of furniture? There’s no simple answer, but at Astigarraga Kit Line we believe that, before buying any […]

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Today, we’re celebrating World Tree Day

Today, June 28th, is World Tree Day. This date isn’t the only one during the year when the importance of trees, the true lungs of the planet, is celebrated. On March 21st there’s another celebration, the International Day of Forests. Trees purify the air, give us oxygen and are a source of food and raw […]

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