We love the environment around us

Our business would have no future without forests, so we promote their care and replanting.

Manufacturing processes

We monitor the entire manufacturing chain to ensure respect for the environment

Do you know what the first step in our production chain is? The planting of the Insignis pine.

Our plantations are then managed with very selective pruning. Then, when the pines are 30-35 years old, we extract the timber with a commitment to replant our forests once more.

After selecting the best logs, we begin to transform them into boards in our sawmill. The boards will be naturally air-dried for two to three months. Thanks to the work of natural resources like air, wind and sun, the timber loses much of its moisture.

In the next stage, we move on to industrial drying. It’s worth highlighting that the energy used in this process comes from the burning of biomass from sawdust, bark and other waste wood.

A few days later, the boards will be transferred to our production facilities to be turned into solid wood furniture and natural wood products.

  • Planting
  • Logging
  • Sawing
  • Drying
  • Machining
  • Packaging
  • Dispatch
  • Planting


We contribute to a sustainable economy

And it’s not just us who say so, but the European Commission also through its official EU ECOLABEL ecological accreditation.

We meet highly selective, transparent criteria and provide consumers with accurate, reliable and science-based information on the environmental performance of our labelled products.

That recognition is largely thanks to our local character and the strength and durability of our products.



We look after our forests

The future of our planet is necessarily tied to the future of everybody living on it. At Astigarraga Kit Line, we are only too well aware of that fact. That is why we work every day to reduce our direct environmental impact.

The PEFC label reassures our customers and suppliers that all the timber around us is local, sustainable and monitored.

We are committed to global change

We are very clear about the path we have to follow

At Astigarraga Kit Line, we realise that we generate waste at every stage of the manufacturing process of our products. Fortunately, we also know what to do with that waste. We make good use of it in our industrial dryers and in the heating for our facilities, which both run off biomass. What if we still have some left over? We sell it to the paper and chipboard industry.

As for packaging, the cardboard we use in our packaging is 100% recycled. We are also working hand-in-hand with our suppliers to develop a recycled plastic that is efficient to use. The plastic we currently use is 50% recycled and we will soon move to 60%.

Even so, our commitment as a business goes further and we have started a project to reduce the carbon footprint of our organisation.