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Design, quality, functionality and sustainability

What is the perfect dish? Nutritionists say it’s one that brings together the right proportions of foods to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. It’s the same with furniture. Is there such a thing as the perfect piece of furniture? There’s no simple answer, but at Astigarraga Kit Line we believe that, before buying any […]

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Jaione Badiola, managing director of Astigarraga Kit Line

From a small town in the heart of Gipuzkoa, Urrestilla, to the world. Jaione Badiola, an industrial engineering graduate of the University of Navarra and with a Master’s in Industrial Project Management from the University of Mondragon, has now been managing Astigarraga Kit Line for six months. But before coming to Azpeitia, her professional career […]

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Our distributors, the lungs of Astigarraga Kit Line

The history of Astigarraga Kit Line began in 1985 in a small workshop in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa). Its founder, Juan José Astigarraga, a woodworker with expert knowledge of the Basque forests, started out alone but had the finest raw materials in his hands: the pine wood from the surrounding area. He manufactured his first product with […]

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