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Commitment to sustainable manufacturing and local wood

Many of today’s companies started modestly with few resources, in a bedroom or a garage, as is the case with Apple, Google or Disney. In general, behind all brands that last—whether they belong to a multinational, medium-sized or small company—, there is always an entrepreneur with a different idea and a strong commitment to carry […]

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Novelty: the WALLY modular wall shelf

There aren’t any secret potions that go into creating a new piece of furniture. There’s just work, work and more work. “When inspiration comes, may it find me working,” said Picasso. It’s an undeniable truth: any creative process, which starts from nothing, is long and laborious, no matter the genius of the idea. Designing and […]

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Astigarraga Kit Line joins the celebrations of World Recycling Day

Today, 18 Marh, marks one of the most important environmental events on the year’s green agenda: World Recycling Day. An appeal to society in general that aims to emphasise the impact and importance of treating waste correctly in order to curb climate change and, by doing so, care for the environment. Astigarraga Kit Line joins […]

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