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Wall Table

Folding table made of solid pine wood, 79.5 cm wide. It is very useful for small spaces, as it does not take up space when not in use.

Bok Legs

BOK wooden legs, with two or four positions, which can be used to assemble a dining table or a desk for your workspace at home or in the office.

Folding Ladder Stool

Our step stool is very practical. It is also easy to store because it occupies very little space. It is made from solid pine wood and comes assembled.

Nova Shelves

The Nova series shelves are designed as a customisable modular system that adapts to any space. The possibilities are endless thanks to a wide range of accessories made from local and sustainable wood.

2 drawers kit

Kit of 2 drawers for the modular shelves of the Dinamic Cubes series, made of solid pine wood, which fit perfectly in the hollow of each Dinamic cube.

Gala Accessories

Gala door and shelf kits made from solid pine are exclusive additions to the Gala collection that can help to complement the space between shelves.

Nova Wall Organiser Panel

The Nova organiser panel is a versatile and functional product made from local and sustainable wood. Its elegant and practical design makes it an excellent choice for organising and decorating your spaces.

Nova Boxes

Nova boxes made of local and sustainable wood in two sizes. They are very useful thanks to the storage capacity and the complementarity with the other accessories of the Nova series.

Wooden covers

Covers made from solid pine wood that complement our large collection of wooden boxes and covers. These covers fit the CBS403014, CBS403023 and CBS302014 boxes, and are very useful for keeping storage covered.