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Astigarraga Kit Line is part of the catalogue of circular products manufactured in the Basque Country

Astigarraga kit Line is once again included in the second edition of the catalogue of circular products manufactured in Euskadi-Zirkularrak. Three of our products have been featured in the catalogue, which was part of the travelling exhibition ‘Zirkularrak” that toured the Basque Country during 2023. This directory compiles an extensive list of product categories from […]

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Eco-friendly wooden furniture with a conscience

Each piece of Astigarraga kit Line wood tells a story of respect for the environment. It is a testament to our commitment to nature. Aside from being fashionable right now, sustainability in furniture manufacturing is a necessity to protect our natural environment and thus the health of our planet. The trend towards eco-friendly furniture reflects […]

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Oskar Azkarate: “Forest management is necessary if we want to have a raw material that enables the development of the bio-economy”

Today the Baskegur eguna is being held, an event that has remained faithful to the calendar in which the people who represent the Basque forestry sector, which accounts for 2% of total employment in the Basque Country, discuss and highlight the work they do. Oskar Azkarate, general manager of Baskegur, the professional association representing the […]

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