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Eco-friendly wooden furniture with a conscience

Each piece of Astigarraga kit Line wood tells a story of respect for the environment. It is a testament to our commitment to nature. Aside from being fashionable right now, sustainability in furniture manufacturing is a necessity to protect our natural environment and thus the health of our planet. The trend towards eco-friendly furniture reflects […]

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New environmentally friendly furniture with locally sourced wood

A little over a year ago, after the launch of the Wally wall shelf, we told you that there are no secret potions behind the creation of a new piece of furniture, and that managing to combine innovation, originality and functionality at a competitive price in the design and manufacture of a new product is a challenge. We still […]

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Our range of solid pine wine racks

More than once we have told you about the beginnings of Astigarraga Kit Line in that small workshop where the founder Juan José Astigarraga started to manufacture the first wooden easels, mainly for the French market. That’s where it all started. But the company soon took a bet on innovation and new product development to […]

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The wooden trestle is the heart of Astigarraga Kit Line

There are companies that were formed in the internet era and others that were formed many, many years ago. Astigarraga Kit Line was formed in the mid 80s. But it is perhaps more interesting to know what a company’s first products or services were, rather than the date when it first went into operation. And […]

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We’ve designed a surfboard rack!

Astigarraga Kit Line designs, manufactures and distributes trestles, furniture and storage products. Our motto is to use local and sustainable wood. Always. With no exceptions. Our distributors are the lungs of the company. Everyone: small DIY stores, hardware stores and large DIY chains. From here and from the rest of Europe. And every now and […]

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