There aren’t any secret potions that go into creating a new piece of furniture. There’s just work, work and more work. “When inspiration comes, may it find me working,” said Picasso. It’s an undeniable truth: any creative process, which starts from nothing, is long and laborious, no matter the genius of the idea. Designing and manufacturing a piece of furniture is no different.

Combining innovation, originality and functionality at a competitive price is a challenge. This is what has always motivated Astigarraga Kit Line and we’ve made it happen again with our latest product: the WALLY modular wall shelf. A rack and pinion shelving system made with certified sustainable solid wood.

Creativity and ingenuity

We are designers and manufacturers. Alongside taking great care over the entire production chain to ensure the creation of sustainable products that make the most of the spaces in a home, office or business, Astigarraga Kit Line collections go through a whole creative process, from imagining them to drawing them and then giving them physical form. As the universal painter said, creativity and ingenuity don’t just come from nothing. It takes hours in front of a pencil and paper or in front of a computer to get over that feeling of staring at a blank page; at absolute nothingness.

Wally modular wall shelf

Hours of sketches, during which the hand draws freely in the process of coming up with an intelligent and multifunctional piece of furniture like WALLY. This new wall shelf is now joining the DinamicGalaTriangle and Tetris collections from Astigarraga Kit Line. An innovative modular shelving structure, in the style of the metal rack system commonly found in storage rooms and garages, but made from locally sourced, environmentally friendly wood.

A series of modules that can be used to create eye-catching combinations, such as a dressing room or a work table alongside a complete bookcase. All you need to do is fix the rack profiles to the wall and assemble the rest of the accessories with just assembly tubes; no screws or tools needed.

A peg rack

At first glance, it may look like a work or study space but, when the time comes, all you have to do is exchange one module (the work table, for example) for another (the peg rack or the storage cube) to turn it into a completely different piece of furniture with a new function. This idea of using one piece of furniture and then transforming it into another when we’re no longer using it for the first purpose is what makes Wally versatile. You can swap books for sweaters and the result will be another unique and personalised space.

This sustainable wood modular wall shelf was born with a purpose: to give life to a collection of modules that, in addition to being practical, are perfect for creating natural and cosy spaces in any room of the home. One of the hallmarks of Astigarraga Kit Line is manufacturing furniture with more than one function. Even in a garage, WALLY can create a friendly, warm atmosphere!

Designing, devising, drawing… A creative process that has to be put into practice with other components like innovation and functionality. Astigarraga Kit Line always opts for furniture with simple shapes and smooth lines, at a top price, with more than one utility and with results that reflect customers’ needs.

We’re still working away and very soon we’ll be sharing another new product with you: another collection created slowly and passionately over time. Made with certified wood, because wood is warmth, wood is life and wood adapts to any decorative style.