More than once we have told you about the beginnings of Astigarraga Kit Line in that small workshop where the founder Juan José Astigarraga started to manufacture the first wooden easels, mainly for the French market. That’s where it all started. But the company soon took a bet on innovation and new product development to meet emerging market demands and secure more opportunities to reach new audiences.

Thus, beyond the world of utilitarian easels, Astigarraga Kit line has always been interested in the gradual incorporation of products that better segment the range and promote tidiness in homes, offices and shops. Shelving, chests, drawer units, boxes, shelves, storage units and… bottle racks. Today we are going to tell you more about this essential product for fitting out wine bars, wineries and homes. Read on to find out more about our range of solid pine wine racks.

Wooden bottle racks: design and functionality

They guarantee success. Each one of them has been manufactured with good design in mind, so that they not only become decorative pieces, but also units for storing wine bottles that fulfil their function to perfection. For wine lovers, for avid collectors, for those who have a glass only on special occasions, for those who have to furnish a wine bar, a wine cellar or a restaurant, everyone can find a solution in Astigarraga Kit Line’s ample range of wooden wine racks.

Rioja modular wooden wine rack

The RIOJA series consists of 4 modules with capacity for 9, 24, 36 and 72 bottles of wine. The idea is to use them individually or put modules together by means of a 100% recycled black plastic piece that is placed at the ends of the side slats, or at the top or bottom. This is how you can create an evolving bottle rack that has the advantage of being able to grow as your needs do. 

No matter what size of wine collection you want to store: whether you want to store a few bottles at home…

… Or create a large piece of furniture in a wine cellar.

Karlos Arguiñano’s K5 winery, in the Gipuzkoa town of Aia, has Astigarraga Kit Line’s Rioja wooden wine racks.

PIXEL and PRISMA evolutionary wooden bottle racks

Pixel and Prisma are the names of two of our other solid pine wine racks. They were launched at the same time. And although they have a different shape, they have the same modular system. Sometimes it is difficult to find original wooden bottle racks to store bottles in an aesthetically pleasing way. These two design proposals will decorate any wall or space in an original and elegant way. Each bottle rack can be fixed to the wall or they can be joined and assembled together. In this second way, a fully customised wine cellar can be created.

The special feature of the Pixel model is that each piece allows you to store and display three bottles of wine, or three glasses.

Each Prisma piece can hold up to 6 bottles. With this wooden wine rack you can create a design on the wall where you can display your best wines. The more pieces, the bigger the bottle rack.

Part of the cellar of the Illarra restaurant in San Sebastian, with the Prisma and Rioja wine racks.

Stackable wooden bottle racks KATEA and MERLOT

Stackable wine racks are another solution for decorating, storing and displaying wine bottles. Katea holds 16 bottles and Merlot holds six, and both can grow with the collection. The particularity of being able to stack one on top of the other allows for greater storage capacity in reduced spaces.

Wooden wall-mounted bottle rack

It is perhaps the simplest of the wooden bottle racks. This model consists of a vertical row, which is fixed to the wall, with a capacity for six bottles. If more storage is required, several modules can be fitted. A sturdy, natural style accessory that helps keep wine bottles in order, adding a decorative touch to any wall.

Wooden cube wine rack

The interior divider of this cube bottle cabinet is cross-shaped. It holds 12 bottles, four in each compartment. You can stack them on top of each other, or place them side by side. It is also possible to use the modular cube shelves with more holes and only insert the spindle, and so multiply the space as much as you want for storing wine bottles.

Chef Pedro Subijana and his daughter Oihana, director of Hotel Akelarre, in the Espazio Oteiza wine bar of the Akelarre restaurant. The bottle racks have been used with Dinamic modular cube shelving.

Wood is the most natural, noble, living, durable and warm material, and is also infinitely recyclable. We are proud to work with Insignis pine wood, on which we do not apply any chemical treatment or varnish, and we advise you to protect the wood to increase its durability. We are aware of our responsibility towards our surroundings and the environment, and we are conscious of the need to minimise the impact of our activities. That’s why all our furniture, including our wooden wine racks, are made from certified sustainable wood with the following labels:

PEFC: this label certifies an ecological way of exploiting resources, ensuring good practices in forest management. In our case, the wood we work with comes from the forests of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, which are sustainably managed, a key factor in maintaining their existence into the future. For every tree that is felled, at least one other tree is planted.

ECOLABEL: the official EU Ecolabel is a certification awarded to all products and services that ensure a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Astigarraga Kit Line furniture has this seal, which means that we contribute to generating less C02 in manufacturing, we use resources more efficiently, we manufacture products that last longer and we promote ecological innovation and sustainability.

We believe in the importance of what we design and manufacture, but even more important is how we do it: in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. If you are looking for design, quality, functionality and sustainability, Astigarraga Kit Line is the brand you are looking for. Adaptable to any decorative style, our solid wood wine racks are very popular with distributors. If you also want to distribute our products, fill in this form here and we will contact you. We only work with 100% local and sustainable wood.