Astigarraga Kit Line would not be what it is today without our distributors: they are an essential part of the business. We are very proud of our distributors. All of them: from large DIY chains to small hardware shops and crafting stores. Today, 24 May, is DIY Day. A day for you and a day for us. For all DIYers and hardware dealers. DIY Day is reasonably new, and we should celebrate DIY all year round. Today, however, DIY takes centre stage to encourage professionals and hobbyists alike to enjoy creating. 

At Astigarraga Kit Line, we are dyed-in-the-wool DIYers. We are a member of AFEB, Spain’s Association of DIY and Hardware Manufacturers. A grouping with a mission to promote businesses working in the DIY and hardware market and a forum for ongoing collaboration across the industry. The Association has more than 120 members with combined turnover in excess of €3 billion and a total workforce of more than 16,000 staff.

Our defining value is the use of local sustainable wood to manufacture our furniture. And a high proportion of our furniture is sold in DIY and hardware stores: from trestles and shelving to boxes and chests of drawers. That is why celebrating DIY Day is to celebrate the importance of an industry that is essential for society. Just remember how well the industry did during lockdown. Hardware stores and DIY centres are pharmacies for the home. Without them, our homes wouldn’t continue to function.

DIY is the satisfaction of having fun assembling one of our furniture kits, or the chance to give new life to a neglected piece of furniture with lots of potential. Doing DIY brings many benefits:

  • It develops our creativity. Creativity is not just for painters and writers. There are creative DIYers, people who focus all their creativity on projects that start with an idea and become a physical reality.
  • Doing things with our hands is good for our wellbeing. DIY is a leisure activity or hobby helps us to relax, concentrate and stay focused on something we’ve chosen to do. And that feeling helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It promotes sustainability. Sustainability is key for furniture manufacturers and DIY chains. DIY helps us to rethink the way things are done and to create a more sustainable society. We can upcycle or restore a piece of furniture rather than buying something we don’t really need, saving money and respecting the environment.

We are working ever closer with our distributors, who are just a click of the mouse away. You can contact us via our new website for any query and become part of Astigarraga Kit Line and all its DIY products and more.

Happy Do-It-Yourself Day!