Today, concern for sustainability and the environment has taken over every aspect of our lives, including the way we design and manufacture the furniture in our homes. In this context, the challenge for wood furniture manufacturers of creating solutions that balance aesthetics and functionality with a firm commitment to the preservation of the environment is a fundamental aspect. At Astigarraga Kit Line, sustainability is not only limited to internal production; our distributors also play a vital role in promoting responsible environmental practices.

Responsible manufacturing

Furniture factories committed to sustainability strive to adopt local and responsible design practices and manufacturing methods. In our case, this involves the careful choice of our raw material, Insignis solid pine, as well as the implementation of production processes that minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint. These strategic decisions contribute significantly to reducing the environmental impact of our industrial activity.

The importance of distributors

At Astigarraga Kit Line, with our constant search for excellence in the manufacture of ecological wooden furniture, we recognise and deeply value the transcendental role played by our distributors. Besides acting as simple intermediaries in the commercial process, these strategic partners are essential pillars in the expansion and consolidation of our mission of sustainability. Not only do they select environmentally friendly products, they also contribute to raising consumer awareness of the importance of sustainable choices and a more conscious lifestyle.

These are testimonials from some of our distributors:

“From Astigarraga Kit Line, I would highlight the product itself. This product is very well received by our customers, who value its simplicity, aesthetics and quality. And of course, the sustainable origin of the wood. Sustainability is a basic selection criterion. We cannot turn our backs on this very real and serious problem facing our planet; a problem which, fortunately, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of.

Antonia Martínez, manager of Servei Estació

“A wooden item cannot be compared with a plastic one, for a start. When we started working with Astigarraga Kit Line, we immediately noticed that the photos bore the PEFC and Ecolabel logos. This is essential and will soon become something that the end user will value highly”

Xavier Crusells, Purchasing Manager at Elektro3

“Sustainability and the environment are very important points when selecting suppliers. I like Astigarraga Kit Line’s range of products, its quality and the service provided; and we draw attention to your two certifications that guarantee the sustainable origin of the raw material”

Amilcar Oliveira, product manager Bricomarché Portugal 

We are consistent with our values

Our distributors share our vision and commitment to sustainability. Through selection processes, we ensure that our ecological wood products find their way to consumers who value and seek environmentally friendly solutions. This alignment of values not only strengthens our supply chain, but also builds a distribution network consistent with our philosophy.

Transparency and environmental certifications

Working closely with our distributors is not only about marketing products, it also provides a transparent narrative on the sustainability of our furniture. By actively supporting and promoting our environmental certifications (PEFC and the EU Ecolabel), distributors act as ambassadors of our company’s environmental commitment. This transparency strengthens consumer confidence and encourages decision-making.

In conclusion, sustainability in furniture manufacturing goes beyond the factory walls. In addition to offering environmentally friendly products, our distributors play an essential educational role. Our distributors are not merely commercial intermediaries, but understand the importance of informing consumers about the virtues and benefits of choosing eco-friendly wooden furniture. Informing consumers about the benefits of choosing sustainable furniture not only raises awareness, but also stimulates a cultural shift towards more responsible purchasing practices.

If you are a distributor and would like to get to know us better, please contact us here. We conceive, design and manufacture furniture and products from locally certified wood.