At Astigarraga Kit Line we are aware that in order to provide an optimal service to all our customers, it is essential to maintain a close and personalised line of communication, based on trust and honesty. The launch of something new, whatever it may be, always produces a feeling of excitement and happiness. And so here we are: at the launch. We have decided to change our corporate website, giving it a more current, modern look and made it accessible from any device. A design with neutral colours and touches of green, the colour of nature and ecological values. We are launching a new corporate website: Welcome!

This new digital space, in which we open wide the door to our house and our soul, allows our distributors, besides seeing our natural ecological furniture made of sustainable solid wood, to get to know Astigarraga Kit Line from the inside. The new website breathes nature in every corner. We wanted to bring our customers closer to the forests of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia that surround us and from which we extract our raw material: insignis pine wood.

Sustainability and local wood

Thanks to this we can design, manufacture and distribute easels, bottle racks, boxes, boards, trunks, shelves and many other items that help to organise and decorate any room in a home, office or business. Our manufacturing process is entirely sustainable; which is no small feat. PEFC certificates and Ecolabel guarantee our ecological production with local wood.

Our word is sacred.

Under this principle of sustainability, our purpose has been to create a new, fresher and more natural website in which to also provide a look backstage at our offices and production plants. And, most importantly, to reflect the most valuable asset of Astigarraga Kit Line: the people who are part of it. There are 130 of us, unique and different, but all united by those values that the founder of our company, Juan José Astigarraga, instilled in his four children -now at the head of the company- and that always guide the activities at our offices, forests and factories. “When you give your word, keep it. Your word is sacred”, recalled the man who laid the first stone, back in 1985, of what is now the foundation of this company.

Izaro, Itziar, Izaskun and Jose Juan Astigarraga, Marketing and Markets Director, President, Finance Manager and Forestry Manager of Astigarraga Kit Line, respectively.

In addition to the Business and We Are Nature sections, the website includes the Distributors and Products sections. In the first, we promise to be where you need us, whether it’s a large DIY chain or a hardware store. We adapt to different logistic criteria so that our products reach France, Italy, Germany or Greece. In the second, we highlight the news section as well as the list of all our natural and eco-friendly products classified by categories.

Finally, this new website includes a News section in which we will offer you the latest news about Astigarraga Kit Line and our sector, you will find out about the events and fairs we attend or if we have had the honour of receiving any award, as was the case when we were presented with the Award for Business Internationalization by the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa in July 2021. In addition, you will be putting a face to the team that works for you and you will discover all about our way of manufacturing, always under a sustainable approach and with absolute respect for the environment.

Fresh out of the box, we hope that the new corporate website, available in Spanish, Basque, English, French and Italian, will help our distributors to simplify their work and get to know us better. We hope you like it as much as we do. At Astigarraga Kit Line we want to get to know you and hope we can work together. See you soon!