More and more people are opting for a more sustainable lifestyle and are concerned about being environmentally friendly. As a result, the demand for organic products is increasing. This trend is observed in all sectors, and the timber industry is no exception. In Astigarraga Kit Line we are aware that our activity has a direct impact on the planet and that it is our duty to minimise it. That is why the wood we work with is locally sourced. If you are wondering why you should choose sustainable and eco-friendly wood furniture and trestles, read on.

Not long ago, we published a post on one of our social networks that featured a desk with the Glam trestle. The text that preceded it stated that the wood is solid and environmentally friendly. Just as sustainability has permeated society, so have the networks. They serve as a loudspeaker for companies and allow us to set up a daily and effective conversation with our public. Well, a follower left this comment in the post: “Eco-friendly trestle? Nowadays everyone loves to use that word.” And the truth made us reflect.

The fact that ‘green’ is in fashion is a reality. But is it a real commitment? is it pure marketing? is the ecological concept overexploited? Perhaps, in some cases, all that glitters is not gold. In our case, this is true; the Glam trestle is made of environmentally friendly solid wood. That one, all the trestles and the rest of Astigarraga Kit Line wooden furniture. It’s not just us who say so, but also two international voices. The first one is the world’s most widely implemented forestry certification, PEFC; and the second is the European Commission’s Ecolabel.

Having made the introductions, let’s get down to business: why choose sustainable furniture?

It is good for your health

Sustainable wood furniture is not only safe for the buyer, it also takes care of the health of workers. Choosing natural solid wood and leaving it rough and ready, free of any chemical substances or harmful elements, means choosing environmentally friendly, healthy furniture that does not pollute the home. A definite advantage that should not be overlooked by anyone.

Its production process is safe

The entire production chain, from raw material procurement to transportation, is carried out while respecting the ecosystem. In our case, the wood is harvested from local, sustainably managed forests. The logs are then made into boards at our sawmills in the surrounding area. Once cut, they are subjected to an open air drying or natural airing process to reduce humidity, and to a brief industrial drying process in which the energy comes from the burning of biomass obtained from the shavings and sawdust, thus avoiding the generation of waste.

At this point, the wood is ready for machining in the two trestle and furniture production halls. With the parts needed to assemble the furniture, the packaging is made from 50% recycled cardboard and plastic, a proportion that we will soon increase to 60%. A conscious manufacturing cycle that is totally harmless and allows us to have exhaustive control over the entire process.

Avoiding deforestation

We have already mentioned that sustainable and eco-friendly furniture is produced using locally sourced wood that does not promote deforestation. The timber always comes from controlled logging. Therefore, if you distribute or use our sustainable furniture, you can be sure that we take great care of the Insignis pine plantations, keeping them clean with very selective pruning. We extract the wood with the commitment to restore the green of our Gipukoa and Bizkaia forests.

It creates natural and pleasant spaces

Sustainable solid wood furniture is definitely a current trend nowadays. Real natural wood reminds us of nature, of what is genuine. Any home, office or business adorned with this noble and harmonious material will have that feeling that generates well-being. By choosing ethical, functional furniture, we will reduce our environmental footprint by creating an environment that is more natural, pleasant and sustainable.