The history of Astigarraga Kit Line began in 1985 in a small workshop in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa). Its founder, Juan José Astigarraga, a woodworker with expert knowledge of the Basque forests, started out alone but had the finest raw materials in his hands: the pine wood from the surrounding area. He manufactured his first product with this wood, the wooden trestle, which he exported directly to the French market.

Shortly afterwards, his daughter Itziar joined the company. This was one of those reference milestones for any company, as it enabled uniting the knowledge of local forests with innovation, design and the creation of new products. So wooden trestles were joined by bottle racks, shelves, trunks, chests of drawers and sustainable wood boxes, among other products. However, we would not be what we are today without our distributors, the lungs of Astigarraga Kit Line.

We are very proud of our distributors. All of them: from large DIY chain distributors such as Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, Bricoio, Mr Bricolage, E. Leclerc, Hellweg, Intergamma and Brico Depot to small hardware stores such as Optimus and Cadena 88 and DIY stores such as Servei Stacio in Barcelona.

Astigarraga Kit Line was born international. France was the first country where we made our debut. And that lung has gradually grown larger and larger, extending to other countries such as Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and Greece. This company reflects the growth of a small workshop that has now become the leading distributor of wooden trestles in Europe and a manufacturer of sustainable solid wood products.

Why they trust us

We have a catalogue of over 130 references that help to organise and decorate homes, offices and businesses. A series of versatile and robust sustainable solid wood products, divided into the following categories: trestles and boards, shelves, wall shelves, boxes and drawers, trunks, stools and wooden bottle racks. Todos los productos son de madera maciza y cuentan con una gran resistencia, avalada en centros tecnológicos de Gipuzkoa.

The team

Our professionalism and highly qualified sales teams, located in each country with the support of our sales office in Azpeitia, guarantee quality service and ensure that we are a trusted partner for both large and small distribution companies.


Our philosophy of focusing on local, natural and sustainable products is key. We continue with the same determination and commitment as Juan José Astigarraga when it comes to using local wood from our environment. As a result, we are able to control and supervise all the links in the manufacturing chain. In this way, we guarantee ecological, responsible and, above all, environmentally friendly production. And our distributors love all these attributes.

We adapt to your needs

If your values and goals are our values and goals, we are already halfway there. As for the other half, we like to offer the best possible experience, adapting to your needs and to the various logistical circuits. We focus on the palletisation of our products, as well designing their packaging with inspiring images that attract the attention of the end customer. We are agile and competent in terms of both delivery times and prices.


We belong to various wood sector associations, such as Baskegur, which represents the Basque forestry sector, as well as business associations such as AFEB, the Spanish DIY suppliers’ association; INOHA, its counterpart in France; and Habic, the equipment, furniture and design cluster in the Basque Country.

GThanks to the network of networks, we are closer than ever to our distributors; just a click away. On this new corporate website, you can contact us with any inquiry and be part of the green lung that is the Astigarraga Kit Line family. But we like the face to face side too, so you can also find us at many fairs, including the unmissable event that is Eisenwarenmesse – International Hardware Fair Cologne in Germany, a meeting point between suppliers and buyers that is considered the largest trade fair for DIY in Europe. Our goal will always be to surround ourselves with distributors who share our hallmark: certified local wood.