You know all too well about our trestle-making past. Past, present and future, of course. Our business began by manufacturing wooden trestles and exporting them to the French market. This was our first product back in 1985, and today it is still the king of Astigarraga Kit Line, with a presence in many European countries. The initial collection of wooden trestles, with simple, utilitarian designs, has been joined over time by others that are also functional but more decorative. When the market speaks, Astigarraga Kit Line listens and responds to customer demands. Why “from trestles to wooden table legs”?

Innovation is the key to a company’s growth, and in this respect, new technologies are essential: not only to make manufacturing processes more agile but also to develop new products. The latter is crucial for any company that wants to be competitive in the market.  We need to get out of our comfort zone, to produce and promote new products. With that in mind, although we are very comfortable manufacturing wooden trestles, shelves or bottle racks, we are still looking for solutions to our customers’ needs. In addition to our new ecological furniture products with locally sourced wood that we presented to you a few days ago, today we are introducing our new wooden table legs. As always, they are PEFC certified.

From trestles to new wooden legs

The product name is BOK. Two new wooden leg products and a whole world of possibilities unfold with these supports, which can be used to assemble a dining table or a desk. When selecting legs to create a wooden table, it is essential that they are solid and provide a sturdy base. With BOK, durability, quality and functionality are guaranteed.

If you add style and originality to all these features, the result only gets better. Astigarraga Kit Line wooden boards and these wooden legs make the perfect combination. Original and fun pieces that can not only be assembled in different positions, but can also be used to set up a dining table or an elegant workspace at home or in an office.

BOK wooden legs, two positions

BOK wooden legs, four positions

Now that September is upon us and we have to think about the inevitable return to normality and routine, it’s a good time to start thinking about desks. If you are a distributor, contact Astigarraga Kit Line. We will quickly become your trusted supplier. We have sales teams in each country made up of people with extensive knowledge and skills to operate in different environments. In addition, the packaging design, visually appealing with inspirational images for the end customer, takes up minimal space in transport as well as in the distribution centre.